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Resolved - Compact cases sub-tab doesn't automatically load on offender profile

Typically, when a user loads an offender profile, the sub-tab displayed under the demographic information is the one they have selected under 'Preferences' in their user profile.

A small bug introduced in an internal ICOTS release on February 20, 2013 has caused no sub-tab to display under the offender profile the first time the page is loaded, regardless of what preferences are set in the user's profile.

Appriss has identified and documented this as a bug. They plan to include a fix in the Violation Report enhancement release scheduled for the end of May.

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    Xavier Donnelly

    * UPDATE - 5/23/2013 *

    With the new ICOTS Violation Enhancement Release (18.0) launched on May 22, 2013, this issue has been resolved. The sub-tab preference selected in the user profile now automatically displays for the user when an offender profile is loaded.

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