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Resolved - Offender search returning 'sounds-like' results first

ICOTS uses some search functionality that matches offender names based on how much they sound like the first and last names a user entered. When ICOTS was first launched, this functionality didn't cause any problems. 

Now that ICOTS has been running for a few years, the number of offender records in the application has gotten quite large. When a user searches for an offender by first and last name, exact matches to that first and last name are not necessarily returned first. The "sounds-like" functionality is returning offender records that may sound similar to the names submitted by the user above almost all exact match name searches. 

In some instances, an exact match for the first and last name of an offender aren't even returned in the first 250 results. Although several hundred offender records that may have had a first or last name that sounded similar were returned.

Appriss has documented this as a bug and will address it as soon as possible in a future ICOTS release.

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    Xavier Donnelly

    * UPDATE - 6/4/2013 *

    Appriss has addressed this issue in ICOTS in the new OVR/RVR release. They've increased the relevancy of exact match names and decreased the relevancy of Soundex or "sounds like" names. Users should get much more accurate search results when they run an offender demographics search.

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