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Resolved - History of Sex Offense Remains Blank on RFRI PDF

I noticed several compact cases in which the "History of Sex Offense" section of the RFRI PDF remains blank regardless of whether or not the offender is a sex offender. If he or she is a registered sex offender, the check box for "Registered Sex Offender" is checked at the top of the PDF, but the neither the Yes or No box is checked in the "History of Sex Offense" section near the bottom of the PDF.

Appriss has identified this as a bug in generating the RFRI PDF. The corresponding section in the checklist for the RFRI is titled "History of Sex Offense", but the only section that's populated is the "Registered Sex Offender" box at the top of the request for reporting instructions.

Here, you can see the "Registered Sex Offender" box is checked on this RFRI PDF:


In the "History of Sex Offense" section on the same RFRI, neither the Yes or No boxes are checked, although the details of the Sex Offender Registration are displayed directly below:


This bug does not affect the actual sex offender status of the offender, only the generation of the RFRI PDF. The correct information is still displayed on the offender profile and subsequent compact activity PDF documents.

This bug will be addressed in a future ICOTS release as quickly as possible. 

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    Xavier Donnelly

    * UPDATE - 2/29/2012 *

    Appriss has addressed this bug in release 17.0. If an offender has the status of registered sex offender, then the "History of Sex Offense" box will be checked automatically on the RFRI PDF.



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