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Resolved - Error completing compact activities when an offender employer already exists

Some users are experiencing an issue when trying to complete some activities (like RFRIs or TREQs) when an an Offender Employer already exists on the profile. Here is Appriss explanation:

When changing the employer of an offender with an existing employer there is an error.  It is still possible to add employment to an offender without employment listed.

Appriss is working on a hotfix to address the problem as quickly as possible.

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    Xavier Donnelly

    Some users have reported being able to complete an RFRI on a case they previously experienced this issue when they selected "First to allow an offender to travel to a receiving state" instead of "Based on a previously transmitted transfer request".

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    Xavier Donnelly

    *UPDATE - 9/8/2011*

    Appriss rolled out a hotfix for ICOTS yesterday afternoon (9/7) that addressed this particular issue. We have confirmed with those that submitted tickets that it has indeed been resolved.

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