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Resolved - Error message when beginning some Transfer Replies

A new issue has begun this morning (9/7/2011) regarding transfer reply activities. Users are receiving the error message "We're sorry but something went wrong error message" when attempting to start certain transfer replies.

Here is Appriss' explanation of the problem:

"Transfer requests that were created with the reason option 'Employment transfer of family member to another state' or 'Employment transfer of the offender to another state' have an error when the transfer reply is attempted."

Appriss is aware of the problem and they are working on a hotfix to address it as quickly as possible.

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    Debbie Duke

    The reason for transfer is resident family, not employment. This is the second case where this has happened and in both instances the reason for transfer was resident family, not employment.

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    Xavier Donnelly


    Thank you for the additional information. I've sent that on to Appriss so they're sure to address that particular problem with the hotfix.

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    Xavier Donnelly

    *UPDATE - 9/8/2011*

    Appriss rolled out a hotfix for ICOTS yesterday afternoon (9/7) that addressed this particular issue. We have confirmed with those that submitted tickets that it has indeed been resolved.

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