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Resolved - Can't Re-Assign Case Via RFRI-Reply

I am working on replying to Reporting Instructions. When I'm asked if I want to reassign the case, I select 'Yes' and hit submit. The next screen that comes up is the "TO" screen, but the list of cases is empty.

In the new 14.0 code release, ICOTS is not appearing to pick up the case number when attempting to reassign the case to another user at the same time approved RFRI-Replies are transmitted.

Selecting 'Yes' to reassign:


The next screen doesn't list any cases to reassign:


This issue has been reported to Appriss for investigation and a timeline as to when it will be addressed. 

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    Xavier Donnelly

    * UPDATE *

    Appriss pushed out code release 14.2 on the morning of July 6, 2011. This issue has been resolved with the new code release. I've tested and confirmed users are now able to reassign a case when submitting an approved RFRI-Reply.

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