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Resolved - Overdue Transfer Request Email After Denied Reporting Instructions

I received an email notification that a transfer request was over due on a case, but the only RFRI under the case was denied.

An overdue notification should only be sent out if there are approved reporting instructions, or the reason for transfer is 'probationer living in the receiving state at the time of sentencing'. If the reason for transfer is different, and the reply to request for reporting instructions is denied, then there should be no overdue email.

This issue only seems to affect a small number of compact cases, and is not occuring on every compact case with denied reporting instructions.

Appriss has documented this as a bug in ICOTS. It will be addressed as soon as possible in a future code release.


The erroneous notifications are also being sent for returning RIs on legacy cases. Appriss is aware the issue involves these circumstances and will address it when the bug is resolved in a future code release. 

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    Kay Longenberger

    PA user received an email reminder for overdue transfer request on RETURN RI's.  Must all be part of the same glitch.

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    Xavier Donnelly

    * UPDATE 12/7/2011 *

    This issue was resolved with release 16.0. Users should no longer receive the Overdue Tranfer Request email notification on cases with a denied RFRI.

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