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Resolved - Incorrect 'Case requires attention' email notifications

I'm receiving email notifications that a case requires attention, even though it's been accepted and is being supervised in the receiving state.

In some rare instances, cases are generating an email notification like this on active accepted cases:

"This e-mail is a reminder that {OFFENDER NAME} is in {Receiving State} on approved Reporting Instructions and the case requires attention."

This only occurs on older cases that had more than one TREQ created at one time, where the first TREQ was rejected and the second one accepted. Since Release 11C, more than one TREQ can't not be active under a compact case at one time, so this is not an issue on cases going forward.

This issue has been documented and will be addressed as quickly as possible in a future ICOTS release.

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    Xavier Donnelly

    * UPDATE 12/7/2011 *

    This issue was resolved with release 16.0. Users should no longer receive the "Case Requires Attention" email notification erroneously.

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