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Resolved - Residence Not Displaying on Transfer Request PDF

The address information for the offender was enetered correctly on the TREQ and it's displaying on the residence tab of the offender profile, but the fields are blank on the Transfer Request PDF.

This is a relatively new bug that occurs when the length of the explanations under the 'Discretionary' and 'Justification For Transfer' sections cause the 'Receiving State Residence' section to fall onto the next page. Falling onto the next page causes the information to not display.


Shortening the text in the explanation sections and removing unneeded extra lines so that the address section falls above the page break is a temporary workaround for the problem. Otherwise the address information is always available from the residence tab of the offender profile.

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    Xavier Donnelly

    * UPDATE 12/7/2011 *

    This issue was resolved with release 16.0. The sections of the TREQ PDF for Discretionary Explanation and Justification for Transfer have been modified so there's not as much blank space, and even if there's enough text to push the Residence section to the next page the address fields will still populate on the PDF

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