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Resolved - Duplicate Action Items

NOTICE: This issue has been resolved and is no longer an outstanding problem. There is no need to report duplicate or "phantom action items" any more as they are deleted on a nightly basis once the 'official' activity has been assigned to a user.

The batch process that deletes the duplicate action items can only identify duplicates after the non-duplicate item can have no further action taken on it (e.g. it's assigned, responded to, or withdrawn).

I've already submitted this compact activity, but it still shows up as a pending action item in my compact workload. What do I do with it?

Compact activities that have already been completed or assigned that still show as pending action items are duplicates. At this time there is no action to take on them except ignoring them. Trying to take action on them in the compact workload will only cause confusion for other users involved with the case.

There are a few ways in which duplicate action items are created:

  1. Two different compact office users take separate actions on the same compact activity at the same time. (e.g. One user forwards the activity to another compact office user, while the other delegates it to a supervisor) This is usually evidenced in the activity history with two actions having the same time stamp or time stamps only one or two minutes apart.
  2. An assigned user clicks 'Submit' more than once or refreshes their internet browser while submitting a compact activity into workflow. This is also evidenced in the activity history with two or more actions by the same user having the same time stamp or time stamps only one or two minutes apart.

There is currently no way to delete these duplicates. Just report them to the helpdesk to get them documented.

When Appriss develops a method to delete duplicate action items, everyone that's submitted one to the helpdesk will be notified via email.

Note: Duplicate action items are sometimes referred to as ghost action items or phantom activities by states.

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    Xavier Donnelly

    This issue was resolved in ICOTS release 13.0 on March 30, 2011.

    Existing duplicate action items, also refered to as ghost or phantom action items, were deleted with the launch of the release. A batch process was also instituted to run every night that should delete any duplicates created during the previous day.

    If you find a duplicate action item, and its definitely more than 48 hours old, please report it to the ICOTS Helpdesk.

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    Xavier Donnelly

    * UPDATE - 10/7/2011 *

    Appriss has informed us the nightly process that deletes duplicate action items has not been running since release 15.0 launched on 9/2/11. They ran the process manually on 10/6/2011 and it deleted 175 duplicates in ICOTS.

    Appriss will run this process manually on a weekly basis for the time being. They plan to reconfigure the process to run on an automatic nightly schedule again in release 16.0, scheduled for late fall 2011.

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