Do I have to deactivate a user that's inactive for more than 90 days?

Q: I got an email that looks like this:

Subject - The account for <<User Name>> (<<User Email>>) requires attention.

Message - This email is a reminder that <<User Name>> (<<User Email>>) has not used their ICOTS account for more than 91 days and the account should be deactivated.

This is an infrequent ICOTS user that logs in every few months to process cases. Do I have to deactivate him/her?

A: No, you are not required to deactivate the ICOTS user. The new CJIS security standards implemented in ICOTS require that administrators be notified if users are inactive for more than 90 days. We recommend reviewing the user accounts associated with these notifications, but if you know they will be using ICOTS again soon, you can leave them active.

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  • We have many occasional ICOTS users that we would not deactivate.


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