Assigning Versus Delegate

Directing Workflow in the Compact Office

  • Outgoing Activities:  Review, Return for revision or Transmit to the other state
  • Incoming Activities: 
    • Assigning vs. Delegating
    • Reject Incomplete Transfer Requests


Two types of action items appear on the Compact Workload 



Assign creates the response.  Delegate assigns another review and assignment for the reply to be completed to a supervisor


Assign this to a PO

  • PO receives an email
  • Case/activity ownership is transferred
  • Reply is created

Delegate this to a Supervisor

  • Supervisor receives an email
  • Ability to assign is passed
  • Supv assigns to PO or to themselves


Until user is assigned the activity for reply, overdue notifications cannot be generated since there is no user related to that activity.  Check transmission dates to calculate due dates for un-assigned activities.  External reports are available to identify unassigned cases in the receiving state.

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