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Receiving State Can't Submit Case Closure and Primary Residence is Blank

A notice of arrival has been submitted on this case, but the receiving state says they can't submit a case closure notice and the offender profile shows the residence as blank (lack of primary address).

Your issue is related to the wrong supervising user assigned for this offender due to error creating a merge/move request or due to a training issue related to a return without an address (and failure to submit a case closure at the time of departure.) 

The reason the receiving state user can’t create a CCN is because there is no primary residence listed in the offender profile. 

The supervising user in the sending state (or state listed as the supervising state on the profile) needs to create a new primary residence from the residences tab of the offender profile.  This will allow the receiving state user to create and submit a CCN on the case.

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