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Not Receiving A Password Reset Email

ICOTS tells me I need to reset my password, but every time I submit my email address I never receive the email notification with the password reset link.

First, check with your state compact office and make sure your ICOTS accout is setup correctly in ICOTS. You can find contact information here:

99% of the time when this occurs, the password reset email was either moved to the junk mail folder in the user’s inbox or caught by a spam filter at the network/organization level.
I recommend making sure you have the address icots@globalnotifications.com set as a “Safe Sender” and that none of the emails are in your junk mail folder. I would also recommend you contact your IT department and make sure there are no emails caught in a spam filter from icots@globalnotifications.com and make sure all emails from that address are white-listed.

You may also want to review this tutorial:

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