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ICOTS Training Modules

The ICOTS End User Training offers several topic based modules.  Visit the On-Demand training section of the ICAOS website to access the modules

ICOTS 300 - ICAOS/ICOTS 300 Privacy Policy Training Prior to accessing ICOTS, users must be trained on ICAOS rules, ICOTS procedures as well as the ICOTS privacy policy. This training module highlights the privacy policy and the end user agreement confirming ICOTS user understand and agree to terms prior to using ICOTS. Time to complete this on-demand training module is approximately 15 min.

ICOTS 301 - Introduction to ICOTS explains basic ICOTS functionality including user roles, workflow and offender management. Information on common user login errors is also provided. Time to complete this module is approximately 20 minutes.

ICOTS 302 - Transfer Request illustrates the process for transferring supervision responsibilities to another state, including requirements for a transfer request and qualifications for reporting instructions. This module has an interactive training format, software simulation, and a customized participant experience and lasts approximately 20 minutes.

ICOTS 303 - Progress Report illustrates the progress reporting process for offenders supervised in a receiving state as required by ICAOS Rule 4.106. Progress Reports should be submitted to notify the sending state of new conditions imposed, update on conditions, report of a new arrest, notification of incentives/sanctions imposed and to make recommendations.  Completion time is approximately 15 minutes.

ICOTS 304 - Reporting Violations illustrates the violation reporting process for offenders supervised in a receiving state and how this process impacts the sending state's obligation to retake an offender. Completion time is approximately 20 minutes.

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