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Upcoming 2015 ICOTS Enhancement Release

The executive committee recently approved funds for an ICOTS enhancement release tentatively scheduled for Summer 2015. The list of enhancements was first prioritized by the technology committee and then documented in detail by an enhancement work-group made up of DCAs from across the country.

Enhancement List

  1. Associate compact action requests with compact activities - complete with Release 29.0 (12/10/2014)
  2. Group offender profile compact cases tab by activity and responses - complete with Release 29.4 (3/25/2015)
  3. Add restrictions to prevent duplicate offenders - complete with Release 29.5 (4/29/2015)
  4. Add new column for pending move case requests to Duplicate Offender List report - complete with Release 29.6 (5/27/2015)
  5. Add Notice of Failure to Arrive as new compact activity - complete with Release 29.3 (2/25/2015)
  6. Add 'Intended Departure Date' to RFRI and TREQ - complete with Release 29.6 (5/27/2015)
  7. Allow 'Intended Departure Date' to be changed from offender profile - complete with Release 29.6 (5/27/2015)
  8. Fix 'Cases Awaiting NOD' report and add 2 new columns (Proposed Release Date & Intended Departure Date) - complete with Release 29.6 (5/27/2015)
  9. All receiving state PO (and not just supervising user) to create progress reports - complete with Release 29.0 (12/10/2014)
  10. Allow manage case load to reassign compact cases individually, not just by all cases assigned to a single offender - complete with Release 29.0 (12/10/2014)

Appriss is releasing the enhancement functionality in smaller "chunk" releases, so as not to overwhelm the application and users with too many changes at one time. More information will be available about the enhancements closer to the release dates. States will have time to train and prepare on the functional changes to be made in ICOTS.

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