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New ICOTS External Reports & Redesign

A redesign of the ICOTS External Reports page offers more intuitive navigation, listing the reports in the following categories:

10 new reports were added to the ICOTS External Reports that cover performance standards for the FY2013 Compliance Audit regarding due dates of the following activities:  

  • RFRI-Replies
  • Case Closure Notices
  • Progress Reports
  • Violation Responses
  • Transfer Replies

Each activity has 2 associated reports. The first report lists cases and allows filtering on supervision type in addition to a single user or county to display specific and/or individual performance metrics.    The "Breakdown" version is an overall report for each activity run for a date range. It breaks down key performance indicators for each user, county and state as a whole.


The key performance indicators and legend on the last page explain the report results.


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