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Welcome to the ICOTS Helpdesk!

Search the ICOTS knowledge base for information on existing ICOTS issues and frequently asked questions. You can submit a ticket or check the status of your existing tickets by signing in with your ICAOS website username and password. 

Get Help With ICOTS

All the frequently asked questions, tips, known issues and general ICOTS information all in one place.

Using the ICOTS Helpdesk

Learn how to submit tickets, review your existing tickets and search the knowledge base.

  • Helpdesk Assistance: Articles explaining how to use the helpdesk and handle tickets
  • Helpdesk Overview: Brief introduction to the ICOTS helpdesk and its functions
  • Training Presentation: This presentation will give you a basic understanding of what the ICOTS Helpdesk is, its purpose, how to submit tickets and how to check the status of existing tickets

Learn How to Use ICOTS

View on-demand training modules and review tutorials to learn how to get an account in ICOTS and use the application to process compact activities.

Training Bulletins

Training bulletins provide tutorials and explanations of best practices for the most common activities within the application.

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