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Unable to access ICOTS Course Library

Originally from ticket #112144.

Q:  I have staff that are trying to take and retake on-demand modules in the ICOTS Course Library. They are being directed to the judicial section when the training they want is clicked on. Is work being done on the ICOTS Library? This is important for my staff to get through this training quickly. We have a lot of new staff that have been hired and I must get them access to ICOTS. Thanks for your help.

A:  Unfortunately, the links on the website don't go to a specific training in the LMS, but rather all link to just the user's course library. The ICOTS modules should be below the Agency Training (which includes Judicial) and Rules training the way I have them ordered in the Course Library. I may look at reordering them to make the Rule and ICOTS modules appear first. If this doesn't resolve your issues, I will need more information and maybe a screen shot to know what the user is actually clicking on.

Mindy Spring
Training Coordinator

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