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ICOTS Privacy Policy and User Agreement - On Demand Module

The material presented in this module outlines the requirements of the Privacy Policy and User Agreement. Every user of ICOTS is required to read the policy and agree electronically to the user agreement when initially logging into ICOTS.

The Privacy Policy applies to all users of ICOTS, including the National Office, all public and private member agencies, and all agency employees. The policy ensures the following:

  • Comply with local, state and federal laws and policy
  • Define parameters for data use
  • Protect against intrusion and natural disasters
  • Promote legitimacy of data and responsibility of users

10 minutes (The module may be stopped and restarted at any time, or any section of the module may be viewed individually.)

ICAOS Training Committee

Supplemental Documents:
ICOTS Privacy Policy 

Online Presentation:
On-Demand Module

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