Utilizing Compact Workload Search Functionality

Find out how to narrow down and refine your search using the search criteria in the Compact Workload.

With more legacy data going into ICOTS, many Compact Office Users are still experiencing problems with the Compact Workload when more than 250 records are returned from a search. Please be sure to narrow down your search using the search criteria and remember, you can use more than one.

Compact Workload Search Screen

  • The Activity Type search allows you to only view cases based on which type of Activity is pending. For instance, if you select Transfer Request and click Search, the Compact Workload table should only display those cases where a Transfer Request is pending some sort of action (completion, review, etc.)
  • The Pending Activity Onlycheck box will narrow down your Compact Workload result to only those cases where an action needs to be taken.
    • Note—utilizing the Pending Activity Only check box does not narrow down the result to only cases where that user needs to taken an action on. This filter only strips out the records that are not waiting on an action by any user whether it is in the sending state or the receiving state.
  • The Search My Cases Only radio button will narrow down your Compact Workload to only cases assigned to you.
    • This search is only available to those users with a Supervisor or Compact Office role.
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