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1-2016i - Offenders Returning to a Sending State


Training Bulletin 1-2016i - Offenders Returning to a Sending State

Effective March 1, 2016

Re: Rules 3.101-1, 3.103, 3.106, 4.111 & 5.103

Standard Procedures for Offenders Returning to a Sending State


Receiving states must request reporting instructions for all offenders returning to a sending state who:


  • are subject to active supervision; AND
  • successfully arrived in the receiving state (successful notice of arrival previously submitted)


The requirements impose a standard process for tracking the movement of an offender returning to a sending state.  ICOTS activities are essentially the same regardless of the reason the offender is returning.  The rules impose time frames to ensure timeliness of activities.   



Receiving State Training Tips

Sending State Training Tips

  • Ensure no pending charges exist


  • Reporting instructions must be approved within 2 business days of request (including sex offenders)
    • No valid reasons exist to deny reporting instructions for returning offenders.  These requests must be approved 
  • Request timely
    • Request reporting instructions for ‘Transferred Offender Returning to a Sending State’ within 7 business days of either:
      • Rejection of transfer request- Do not request when it is appropriate for the offender to remain in the receiving state pending re submission of a new transfer request
      • Violation report response indicating the offender will be ordered to return
  • Notify Victims, if applicable
  • Best effort to obtain an address for the offender in the sending state
    • If unsuccessful in obtaining offender address, enter the sending state’s local field office. Sending state will provide specific instructions on the reporting instructions reply and securing an address in the sending state is ultimately the sending state’s responsibility once the offender returns 
  • Report date must be within 15 business days of the reporting instructions request (15 business days of violation report for offenders ordered to return in lieu of retaking)


  • Supervise until DEPARTURE
  • Confirm the offender’s arrival by submitting a notice of arrival
    • Offender fails to arrive?  Issue warrant
    • Submit case closure notice response
  • Send notice of departure & case closure notice at the time the offender departs the receiving state with approved reporting instructions
    • Compact Office staff should ensure NOD’s are sent before transmitting the Case Closure Notice to the Sending State




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