1-2009i - Subsequent State Transfers

Training Bulletin 1-2009i explains the process of creating a Transfer Request for an offender who is actively being supervised in another state. The execution of a subsequent state transfer, or third state transfer, has not changed with the implementation of ICOTS (See Rule 4.110).

The transfer request itself is submitted in the same manner as any transfer, although additional communication with the initial receiving state will be required, as this is where the offender is typically located. ICOTS allows all the activities for a subsequent state transfer to be completed within the application, documenting the communication and actions between the three states in the offender’s record or profile.


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  • While this was useful, can a Subsequent TRR be accessed similar to that of a bifurcated state. In selecting " intended to create a new ICOTS compact case based on an existing ICOTS compact case" prior documents are included however you cannot change the original RS.  It would be helpful to be able to select Sub TRR and the previous infomation and attachments included.


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