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7-2008i - Rule 3.107

Training Bulletin 7-2008i addresses what is required to be included with a Transfer Request in ICOTS.

In September 2005, the Commission voted on rule amendments necessary for the implementation of the electronic information system and left the final decision for the implementation dates up to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee subsequently announced that the effective date for the amendments to Rule 3.107 to be 10/06/2008, which coincides with the ICOTS launch date for new transfers. The effective date for Rules 2.102, 3.104, and 4.105 will be determined at a future date and after the legacy data is loaded.

The most significant change in Rule 3.107 deals with required attachments. The majority of the attachments previously required by Rule 3.107 have been eliminated because the required information is entered directly in ICOTS. The offender photograph is the only attachment required by the amendment prior to acceptance. However, users should be aware the instant offense details will most often be provided in ICOTS via an attachment of a police report or pre-sentence report under the “Pre-sentence Investigation Reports” tab. Additional documents may be required following the acceptance of the offender, if available.

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