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Accessing ICAOS OnDemand Training


Create a Training Account or Log In

Go to ICAOS OnDemand Page.

Create a training account or log in with your credentials.  

IMPORTANT!  As of February 5, 2024, learners no longer register or login to the ICAOS main website to access training.  Create a new account directly on the training site.



Training Requirements:

What Modules am I supposed to Complete?

Each state has its own specific training requirements.  Any questions regarding training requirements and/or what specific modules need to be completed should be directed to the your supervisor or state compact office

How do I navigate the Learning Management Site?

Our ICAOS OnDemand 'Getting Started Guide' provides navigation tips and instructions for accessing your accomplishments within the Learning Management System.

What if I failed a module? 

All modules can be retaken an unlimited number of times.  

I took training before and my previous accomplishments are not showing? 

ICAOS moved to a new Learning Management System February 5, 2024.  As announced, prior achievements will not show in the new system. 

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