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2024 Rule Amendment & New Resources Training

On September 20, 2023, the Commission approved a Rule Amendment to Rule 5.108(f) effective March 1, 2024.  Commissioners, Deputy Compact Administrators and Compact Staff are invited to join a training session to recap the justification and practical impact of the amendment as well as learn of several new resources offered by the Commission.  New resources include stakeholder guides, ICOTS support articles, ICOTS training modules, other interactive training tools and a new Learning Management System (LMS) launched February 5, 2024.  

Training Agenda

  • Amendment to Rule 5.108(f) effective March 1, 2024
  • Language Change
  • New Learning Management Site (LMS)
    • New ICOTS Modules (301-Intro to ICOTS & 302-Transfer Request & Reporting Instructions)
  • New Support Resources
  • New Practitioner & Stakeholder Guides





Q & A from training sessions

Q:  With only Commissioners, DCAs and designated compact staff having ICOTS website accounts as of February 5, 2024, will field staff and public who previously subscribed to the monthly ICAOS newsletter still receive the newsletter? 

Where can new field staff or public subscribe to receive the monthly newsletter without an ICAOS website account?

A:  Yes, all who previously subscribed prior to February 5, 2024 will still receive the ICAOS newsletter.  New subscribers (public & field staff) can sign up here

The link is also available footer of every webpage on the ICAOS site and on the newsletter page


Q:  Where can field staff access the External Application for Transfer now that it is no longer hosted on the ICAOS website.

A:  The Application for Transfer was moved to the ICOTS support site resources and is accessible here


Q:  How do state LMS managers for the new OnDemand site confirm achievements?

A:  After creating a new account on the training site and receiving the manager role from the national office, state LMS managers can search user achievements via instructions here


Q:  When should states expect ICOTS modules 303 & 304 to be completed?

A:  These revised modules are expected to be available by May 2024; After those are completed, all the modules will be reviewed and updated for the approved language change replacing the term 'offender' with 'supervised individual.'  


Q:  What training and authoring tools are used in the newly revised OnDemands that states may want to consider to assist in their own training efforts?

A:  While the main modules are authored using the Articulate suite of authoring tools, the simulation/user guide generating tools were created using a product called Tango.  Most screen shots and videos are generated using a product called Snag-it.  Both Tango and Snag-it projects are used within the modules and on the ICAOS support site articles.  


Q:  When should states expect the new Stakeholder guides (Jail Administrators, Parole Board & Courts)  recently approved by the Training Committee on February 5, 2024 to be published?

A:  Upon approval, the guides were edited for styling and will be available here the first week of March 2024 after final review by the ICAOS Training Committee.  Questions regarding the new guides, including the previously published Extradition Officials Guide can be directed to Allen Eskridge, ICAOS's Policy & Operations Director.  


Q:  As noted in the presentation, training accounts will automatically be purged after 2 years of inactivity.  Is there a way states can be notified of what accounts will be deleted prior to the purge?

A:  Yes, the processes and procedures for the purge are still in development.  National staff will add a step to email states a report of accounts subject to the purge due to inactivity prior to the purge.  Additional concerns or suggestions for this process can be emailed to the helpdesk or national office staff directly for consideration.  


Q:  Are there resources within the new training modules that individual states can utilize for more specific training within their state?

A:  Yes, most new resources used within the new ICOTS modules have corresponding support articles with the same content for easy access when training in your state.  Examples:


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