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FY24 DCA Dashboard Program-Violations & Retaking Management

The FY24 DCA Dashboard Program focuses on violations and retaking management.  The first session kicks off November 2023 with follow up sessions scheduled for Summer 2024.

This year's program will focus on practices and reports highlighting:

  • Best Practices for Compact Staff Review Responsibilities
  • Compliance with Retaking Rules
  • Statistical information 'retaking'
  • Identifying User Trends & Training Issues
  • Violation Types
  • Assessing cases retaken & retransferred

The Summer session will focus on assessing cases retaken and retransferred to assist the RNR workgroup.  At the workgroup's recommendation, the Executive Committee approved a formal assessment of these cases this fall in lieu of an annual audit.  This session is intended to cover expectations and processes for that assessment.   Learn more about the assessment here.

 This training is hosted by the DCA Liaison Committee and the ICAOS National Office

Who can participate?
Any DCA or designated compact office staff with ICAOS Dashboard access.

Spring 2024 

PowerPoint Handout 


Fall (Nov 2023) Handouts & Recording

PowerPoint Handout

Fall Session Recording NOV

Post Fall Session Homework Challenge 




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