Accessing ICAOS OnDemand Training


Instructions for Logging into the ICAOS Website to access Training

Login to the ICAOS Website to access the ICAOS/ICOTS OnDemand Training


From the ICAOS Login Screen, enter your credentials or click 'Register' to create a new account. 

Need assistance or forgot your password?  Click on the 'forgot your password' link to generate instruction on resetting your password.


If you received a message that your username or email doesn't exist, go to the Registration page and create a new account



Once logged into the website, access the ICAOS/ICOTS OnDemand Training by clicking on the Red 'Login' Button. 


Training Requirements:  What Modules an I supposed to Complete?

Each state has its own specific training requirements.  Any questions regarding training requirements and/or what specific modules need to be completed should be directed to the your supervisor or state compact office.  Our ICAOS OnDemand 'Getting Started Guide' provides navigation tips and instructions for accessing your accomplishments within the Learning Management System.

Failed a module?  All modules can be retaken an unlimited number of times.  

Taken training before and receiving message saying you don’t have an account created or your previous accomplishments are not showing?  Note ICAOS move to a new Learning Management System in Nov 2020.  Your state administrator can adjust your records if needed.  

Technical issues with website password help and/or with the training modules 

If you experience technical issues, you should first troubleshoot with your IT and/or the state compact office.  Common issues/resolutions are:

  • I did not receive the email after clicking on the 'forgot your password' link:  Be sure to check junk folders and ensure emails with domain '' are whitelisted.
  • Not sure if you already created an ICAOS website account:  Try registering or resetting your password first.  Follow the prompts on the screen and note if you are registering with an email or username that already exists.  If so, skip to forgot your password.  If you have an ICOTS account, but receiving an error message your email does not exist, please note ICOTS login and website login are not the same.
  • Having technical difficulties completing modules (module stops, advances to end, etc.)  Most of these issues are related to browser restrictions and/or use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network): 
    • Ensure you are using a modern browser such as Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.  Internet Explorer is not recommended.
    • Try restarting your browser/computer/device or try accessing the courses from a different browser/computer/device.
    • Share the technical requirements with your IT department.
    • Users should access the training modules from devices without browser restrictions and a VPN.


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