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FY22 Q4 (April 2022-June 2022): User clean up (remove roles, deactivate after 12 months, etc.)

What is User Administration?

With an average of 30,000 active ICOTS users at any given time, each state is responsible for user administration and user ICOTS training.  In FY2019, the Commission conducted an audit to ensure states have adopted and enforced policies and procedures for ICOTS usage in accordance with the ICOTS Privacy Policy.  This audit included review to ensure ICOTS users have Compact Office and Administrator Roles in accordance with their duties and that accounts marked inactive for 12 months or more had been deactivated.

This quarter will focus on those responsibilities and ensure states know how to utilize reports available to assist in their duties.  

What User Administration issues exist?

Data analysis in preparation for Q4 discovered there are accounts requiring attention.


  • Deactivated But Still Have Roles:  As explained in the support article, states should remove roles when deactivating ICOTS user accounts to avoid unanticipated issues with case or activity assignment.
  • Inactive More Than 90 Day/12 Months:  States should ensure active users access ICOTS regularly or be deactivated.  State policies should include an established timeframe to ensure active users review cases on a regular basis and should be no later than 12 months.  CJIS security standards require state administrators be notified for inactive accounts at 90 days. Several states adopted requirements for users to log in at least every 90 days.
  • Active But Never Logged In/Active But Workflow Not Set:  Only users that need access to ICOTS should have access to ICOTS.  If a user account is not being utilized, it should be deactivated.  States should review these accounts regularly to assess whether the accounts should remain active.

What Objectives for User Administration Exist?

  • Establish regular review of active ICOTS accounts and deactivate as necessary
  • Learn how to utilize reports available for user administration
  • Ensure states enforce its user administration policies and procedures
  • Ensure user roles are appropriate for user duties and those with Compact Office or State Administrator roles are only given to those in the state's Compact Office
  • Share best practices for user administration

What Reports are Available?


April 7th 2 pm ET

April 8th 10 am ET

April 11th 2 pm ET



Q & A

Q:  Can ICOTS be enhanced to remove roles automatically when deactivating?

A:  Proposed changes to ICOTS can be submitted for Commission approval in accordance with  Administrative Policy: Enhancement Requests for Electronic System Authorized by the Commission


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