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ICOTS Emails Not Reaching Some Users

A number of states continue to submit the occasional ticket where a user or group of users has stopped receiving any email notifications from ICOTS. There are typically two underlying causes to this issue:

  1. Internal software used to limit spam or junk mail is rejecting emails from ICOTS or placing them in a quarantine folder.
  2. An internal mail server is sending a “hard bounce” message to the ICOTS mail server, effectively telling it that the email address doesn’t exist and future emails should be disabled.

In both instances, states will need to take action to reinstate ICOTS notifications for the user. In the case of ICOTS emails being marked as spam, resolving the issue could be as simple as locating the emails in the spam folder, but could also require the user’s IT department to check their email logs to see where the notifications are being blocked.

This knowledge base article will help IT departments make sure ICOTS emails aren’t flagged as junk mail: https://support.interstatecompact.org/hc/en-us/articles/224743927-Not-Receiving-A-Password-Reset-Email

In the case of “hard bounce” notifications, the user account will show deactivated in ICOTS with option to reactivate.  When reactivating state administrators should also copy the email logs to provide to email administrators to prevent future hard bounces.


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