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Junk Offender Records (Data Management)

The Junk Offender Records report lists all ICOTS offender records with either no associated compact cases or no transmitted compact activities on any associated compact cases. The dashboard includes information on state, offender ID, associated compact cases, offender name, date of birth, created date, and created by user.

The charts give a breakdown of offender records with and without compact case, with and without activities as well as a list of the top 10 users who created these junk offender records. Dashboard can be filtered on whether the offender has any associated compact cases or the specific user that created the record.

Training Note

Offenders with no cases can only be deleted by the National Office and should should not be involved in any move case or merge requests. These offender records should be sent to the ICOTS helpdesk for deletion. Offenders with cases containing no transmitted compact activities can be either deleted by state administrators or withdrawn by the assigned user, but should not be involved in any merge or move case requests.

FY22 DCA Dashboard Training (Q1)

Tip #1

Use the date filter to avoid deleting newly created records.


Tip #2

Filter and export list of Junk Records without Compact Cases to send directly to the National Office for deletion


Tip #3

Filter and export list of Junk Records with Un-Transmitted Activities to consider 'Withdraw' rather than Deletion (requires less administrative effort) 

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