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FY24 Annual Audit-Data Integrity Follow up

The Commission concentrated its audit resources in FY23 on ICOTS data integrity to ensure that the data contains accurate and reliable information for our internal and external partners. Given the FY23 audit findings, the Compliance and Executive Committees agreed that certain ICOTS data required an additional evaluation in FY24.


ICOTS Privacy Policy Section 8 requires states to correct user-created data errors within 30 days. It also outlines expectations for states to perform regular audits using the ICOTS Dashboards.


The National Office will re-audit states in FY24 that meet the following criteria:


  • States with multiple cases yielding unsatisfactory results for all three evaluation metrics - Junk Records, Rejected Cases, and Offenders Awaiting Retaking;
  • States with unsatisfactory results for Junk Records and Offenders Awaiting Retaking that have not taken remedial action in response to the FY23 Audit; and,
  • States that voluntarily request a re-audit.


The FY24 re-audit will focus solely on the following areas:


  1. Junk Offender Profile Clean-up Audit. Using the Junk Offender Report:

See ICOTS Privacy Policy, Section 15 (C) & 5 (A)

  • Ensure junk records are deleted within 45 days of creation
  • Identify users who fail to report junk records for corrective action
  • Report non-duplicates (appearing on the Possible Duplicate Offender Report to the National Office to ensure accuracy)


  1. Rejected Case Clean-up Audit. Using the Rejected Cases Never Transferred Report:

See ICOTS Privacy Policy, Section 5 (A) & 8 (A)

  • Ensure cases no longer transferring are withdrawn within 60 days of Rejected Date


  1. Offenders Awaiting Retaking Audit. Using the Offenders Awaiting Retaking Dashboard (Incoming Cases):   See ICOTS Privacy Policy, Section 5 (A) & 8 (A) 
    • Review cases remaining on report after 60 days of being ‘available’ for retaking
    • Verify that the report accurately reflects cases in which the receiving state is invoking mandatory retaking.


The FY24 re-audit will identify where your state excels and where it needs improvement in comparison to your FY23 results. The FY23 and FY24 raw performance scores will be provided for comparison purposes. In addition, states will be evaluated based on their performance relative to the national average, as well as their performance within a size category (determined by the volume of cases used to calculate dues tiers).

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