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Continue Working With a Previously Uncompleted Process

If you start any of the following managed processes and you have reached the topic screen for that process but do not complete the process, you can do a Compact Workload - Pending Activity Only search to locate the uncompleted process listed as an Action Item for that offender. Clicking on that Action Item returns you to the Topic List so you can complete the process.  You can also perform an Offender Search and continue the process from the Action Items tab on the Offender's Profile Screen.

Unfinished Processes That Can Be Completed

Request for Reporting Instructions Request for Reporting Instructions Reply
Transfer Request Transfer Request Reply
Notification of Departure Notification of Arrival
Offender Violation Report Response to Violation Report
Addendum to Violation Report Addendum to Response to Violation Report
Case Closure Notice Case Closure Notice Reply
Compact Action Request Compact Action Request Reply


Topic Screen Example

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