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Offender Profile Nested versus Classic View

Nested Activity History

Nested activity history displays compact activities directly under the activity to which it belongs. For example, transfer replies are nested under the transfer request to which they're associated and violation responses/addendums are nested under the original violation report activity.

When a user clicks on a compact case radio button, the nested table of activities will display below the compact cases table. The activities are listed in chronological order of original activity submission dates.

Color-code icons are displayed next to the activity so users can easily identify their current status:

  • ActivityHistory_green_icon.png Green icons identify transmitted activities
  • ActivityHistory_blue_icon.png Blue icons identify created but not yet submitted activities
  • ActivityHistory_yellow_icon.png Yellow icons identify submitted but not yet transmitted activities
  • ActivityHistory_black_icon.png Black icons identify withdrawn activities 


Clicking on a compact activity will display its activity history and full preview window directly below the nested table. Other than their location on the page, there are no changes to the functionality of activity history link or full preview window.


If a user links a compact action request to a particular activity (like a transfer reply), the CAR will be nested below the activity to which it's linked. 



Users can easily revert to the previous "Classic View" of the activity history by clicking the corresponding check box above the compact cases table. The classic view behaves exactly as the activity history did before the enhancement.


Users can change the default view for compact cases in their user profile under the "Preferences" tab. 'Nested View' and 'Classic View are the two options.



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