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Code Release 32.6.0 - ICOTS Enhancements 12/13/17

On Wednesday, December 13, 2017 three new user experience enhancements were launched in ICOTS. While some future enhancements around new functionality will require training and informational materials, these enhancements were requested to improve user experience and should make ICOTS more intuitive.

This is the first of several enhancement releases to take place during FY 2018. These first enhancements were determined to have the highest priority using feedback from the commission and rankings by the Technology Committee.

The descriptions of each change are as follows:

1.) Move offender application to the end of the transfer request check list - The signed offender application is now the last item to complete in the transfer request compact activity. 



2.) Add offender application to RFRI activity and move to the end of the checklist - Sending state users completing an RFRI will now have the option to upload a signed offender application as the last step of the activity.



3.) Add justification and ability to upload attachments to the reason section of the RFRI activity - The ability to add justification, comments, and/or attachments is now available for all RFRI reasons. This new functionality satisfies the new rule amendments to Rules 3.101-1 New documentation requirements for requesting reporting instructions under Military and Employment reasons & for 4.111 Providing a reason for an offender’s return. The amendments officially go into effect on March 1, 2018.


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