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IVINS Management/General Questions

Q:  IVINS notifications provide contact information for both the sending and receiving states associated with the offender's case.  What contact information is used in the IVINS notifications and if a state wishes to modify the contact information, how should that request be made?

A:  Contact information (namely phone number to contact a sending or receiving state) is what each state provides as their preferred contact for the ICAOS/ICOTS Public Web Portal.  Only National ICOTS Administrators can change/update this information which is managed seperately from contact info provided on ICOTS forms and the ICAOS website.  Commissioners or DCAs may formally request changes via written request preferably to the ICOTS helpdesk (Submit Request-above.)  

Q:  In order to register for notifications, the offender must first exist in ICOTS.  Does that offender and ability to register remain even if the offender no longer has an active case?

A:  Yes, any offender created within ICOTS allows for victim's to be registered regardless whether an active case exists.  Therefore if the case is not active or becomes no longer active while the victim is registered, the registration remains active, but the victim may not receive notification as there are no compact activites submitted once a case is closed or withdrawn.  State compact offices should be able to confirm whether there is an active case and explain notifications as all notifications are driven by ICOTS activities/functions.  ICAOS Directory Search or ICOTS Administrator Directory


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