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New Self-Registration for Victims of Crime

Lexington, KY, October 11, 2017– Today, at the annual business meeting of the Interstate Compact for
Adult Offender Supervision, the national office, member states, districts, and territories launched
enhanced services for victims of crime through the ICOTS Victim Notification Service (IVINS).

The first phase of new service deployment through IVINS allows for anonymous registration for victims
of crime caused by interstate offenders. Once registered, victims receive notification when the status of
an offender changes. Examples of a change include change of address, departure from a state, or
behavior resulting in the offender’s transfer back to the state where sentencing occurred.
IVINS offers a new web portal that allows victims to self-register. Additionally, victims can manage how
they choose to receive notifications through phone, text, or email. The website for the IVINS service is
accessible at http://ivins.interstatecompact.org.

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